Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones has made it clear that he thinks the team has the quarterback it needs.

"Tony is so much on the page with us," Jones said on the NFL Network recently. "I really would hate to be sitting here talking about getting better, and starting fresh at quarterback and not having Romo. He gets criticized and I always say, 'Good, now tell me who you want me to have there at quarterback? Go pick that guy for me for the next game."

Well, Cowboys Nation, here's your chance. In the fourth part of a series, we're going to let you have your say. Would you rather have Tony Romo or … ?

Cowboys fans … would you rather have Tony Romo as your quarterback or Indianapolis' Andrew Luck?

Romo's 2012 stats: 16 games played; 425 completions in 648 attempts; 65.6 completion percentage; 4,903 passing yards; 28 touchdowns; 19 interceptions; 90.5 quarterback rating.

Luck's 2012 stats: 16 games played; 339 completions in 627 attempts; 54.1 completion percentage; 4,374 passing yards; 23 touchdowns; 18 interceptions; 76.5 quarterback rating; 62 rushing attempts; 255 rushing yards; 5 rushing touchdowns.