Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher doesn't get to pick who Philadelphia's starting quarterback will be on Sunday -- because why would Chip Kelly let an opposing player pick the Eagles starting quarterback -- but if Hatcher did get to pick he knows exactly who he'd want to see.

"I would like to see [Nick] Foles because Vick is like a rabbit" Hatcher said via "He's all over the place. Foles is more like a stationary guy in the pocket. Both of them are awesome quarterbacks. Foles is playing his butt off these last couple of games. Either one but I would take Foles over Vick."

Hatcher just might get his wish. With Michael Vick still nursing a hamstring injury it's not clear who the Eagles starting quarterback will be yet but it's looking more and more like it will be Foles.

The second-year quarterback took reps with the Eagles first team on Tuesday and Vick has already said he could probably use another week of rehab. "I feel it getting better it's just when I try to burst it's still that knot is there" Vick said of his hamstring. "But I think another week of rehab will put me in a position where I can start gaining confidence in it and doing the things I need to do."