DeMarcus Ware has made a Pro Bowl career of getting up in the grill of quarterbacks.

He just doesn’t want anyone in his. That’s why the Cowboys defensive end hopes to wear a special facemask this season that will make it more difficult for offensive lineman to get their fingers between the bars of his facemask and pull or twist.

It won’t be an easy sell. The NFL recently informed Indianapolis linebacker Robert Mathis that the customized grill he’s wearing this pre-season won’t be approved. The NFL won’t sign off on any non-standard design unless the club submits a medical reason why the player requires an exception.

“I haven’t heard anything’’ Ware said.

The Cowboys have submitted the design to the league office but must still do the paperwork on the medical reason for Ware’s request. He has wrestled with neck injuries in the past but if that’s the standard the NFL would potentially be flooded with requests.

Mathis New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck and Arizona defensive end Darnell Dockett have all worn helmets this training camp that sport a combination of horizontal and/or vertical and diagonal bars. Ware is optimistic his design will be approved because all he’s done is increase the number of horizontal bars on his helmet from four to eight.

“I’m hopeful it’s approved’’ said Ware who wore the helmet in Friday night’s game against Oakland. “We’ll see.’’