Scoring around the rim isn't as simple as telling DeMarcus Cousins to camp out 5 feet away and bully his way to the basket.

For Cousins to work better in the post the entire offense has to flow which it did in the Kings' 104-86 exhibition win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday.

Kings coach Michael Malone would like to play inside-out with Cousins working as a facilitator for teammates in some halfcourt sets but said it's not only Cousins' responsibility to post up and make something happen.

"We have to do a better job of occupying the defense when he does post up" Malone said before Cousins collected 16 points and 12 rebounds against the Lakers. "We just can't sit there."

Cousins said Malone's offensive sets are giving him freedom to make plays especially when the Kings have the proper spacing on offense and aren't stubbornly playing one-on-one.

"There's a time to run an iso (isolation play); there's a time to run a set" Cousins said. "All that comes into play and makes the game so much easier."

Malone doesn't want to limit Cousins to playing in the post. Malone sees Cousins as a big man who can operate from the high post to shoot drive and set up teammates.

The first-year head coach has experience with that from his last job as an assistant coach at Golden State.