If the Celtics' surprisingly winning start halted your scouting of this college basketball season's heralded freshman class -- also known as The Reasons To Tank, if that's your vantage point -- it might be time to start paying attention again.

First, check back in on Kansas. Andrew Wiggins, so hyped at the beginning, has had a terrific freshman year by all standards except for the impossible one that he was supposed to live up to. He's a wonderful player, yet some wholly understandable freshman hiccups have almost left him underrated now.

And Wiggins may not even be the most promising Jayhawk. Center Joel Embiid, a Hakeem-ish athlete (I do say that with hesitation), is improving at such a rate that he may be worthy of the first pick in this deep draft class by the time Adam Silver takes his spot at the podium.

You know the other names and games to admire, the players who aren't difficult to project as franchise-changers. Jabari Parker, the polished and poised Duke forward ... and Julius Randle, Kentucky's power-forward prototype ... and what qualifies as a veteran nowadays, Oklahoma State's tough and appropriately named sophomore point guard, Marcus Smart.

If only Dante Exum, the 6-foot-6-inch Australian who some believe is the best prospect of all, had chosen to come stateside after considering North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and Oregon? He's the tantalizing mystery among a class that is already fascinating enough.