More than 150 pages of court documents were released in the Aaron Hernandez murder case on Tuesday and they contained a lot of interesting information. The documents provide a detailed timeline of events from the police’s initial interactions with Hernandez on Monday, June 17 up through his arrest on Wednesday, June 26. Of the details revealed, Hernandez’s initial reaction to the investigation is one of the most intriguing, per the documents via Brian Ballou of The Boston Globe. Upon police arriving to his house late in the evening on June 17, Hernandez spoke with officers for a few moments before he became “argumentative” and handed them a business card for his lawyers. When police mentioned a death investigation, which was in reference to Odin Lloyd, the document says Hernandez “did not ask the officers whose death was being investigated nor did he display any outward signs of concern.” He then ”slammed the door” in the officers’ faces and locked it behind him. Hernandez exited his house a few minutes later and told police he would speak with them at the North Attleboro Police Station, where his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins drove him soon after. During his time at the police station, officers called the last number dialed in Lloyd’s cell phone and observed it belonged to Hernandez as he picked up the incoming phone call.