Seth Lugo seems to come into every season in the same position: Battling for a spot in the Mets' starting rotation.

The Mets always seem to be trying to decide whether or not he should start in the major league rotation, the Triple-A rotation or come out of the bullpen as a swingman.

Last year, the battle was decided when it was discovered that he tore his ulnar collateral ligament right out of camp. It was minor enough that he elected not to undergo Tommy John surgery, instead getting platelet rich plasma injections and doing a rehab program. By the time Lugo returned, the Mets needed him in a beleaguered rotation.

But now, they've bolstered their rotation depth to the point where he still has to compete, yet again. If the battle gets any easier, he has yet to notice.

"Ask me again when I'm on a roster and I'll tell you," he said. "I've never had it the other way around. So it's just -- it's work."