It is clear that the Kansas City Chiefs are open to trading left tackle Branden Albert. And it is obvious the greatest need of the San Diego Chargers is at left tackle.

Could the teams come together on a deal that would benefit both? I have my doubts.

The sticking points? I not sure the Chiefs would want to trade a player at a premium position to a division rival, and the Chargers don’t have a ton of money to pay Albert a long-term deal.

I’m sure the Chargers would be fine with addressing their biggest need with the No. 45 overall pick in the draft (the Chiefs would likely gladly take a second-round pick for Albert). That way the Chargers could grab the best available player available with the No. 11 pick. But I doubt the Chargers would pay Albert big money with so many needs. But securing a player like Albert, to protect Philip Rivers' blind side, might be worth the investment.

Again, if the Chargers are open, would the Chiefs make the trade?.

There is nothing more inexcusable than helping a rival get better. So while a potential trade fits, there are enough obstacles that would make it difficult to see happening.