In addition to rescuing the Cubs’ season on Sunday night, Aroldis Chapman probably raised the bidding on his impending free agency with his first-ever eight-out save.

And if you’re a Yankee fan hoping Chapman winds up back in the Bronx this winter, you should probably root for the Cubs to pull off this comeback and win the World Series.

Because if they lose, they’ll be under enormous pressure to pay whatever it takes to keep the Cuban star in Chicago to continue pursuing that elusive championship.

“How could they justify him leaving to that fan base?” was the way a major league executive put it on Monday. “The Cubs should want him back even if they win, but he’s going to break records for closer money, and Theo (Epstein) may not see it as the best way to allocate funds.”

Some baseball people believe the Dodgers will pursue Chapman before possibly re-signing their own star closer, Kenley Jansen. Remember, they had a trade in place with the Reds for him in December that was blown up by news of the domestic violence incident that led to a suspension.

Meanwhile, there is an expectation the Yankees will make a run at bringing back Chapman after trading him to the Cubs in July.

There is no indication yet whether Hal Steinbrenner will be ready to spend in any big way this winter, as the rebuilding Yankees probably need at least another year before they can be considered serious contenders again.

But signing Chapman to say, a four-year, $60 million deal, and again pairing him with Dellin Betances, would give them a deep, dominant bullpen they’ll need to at least attempt to contend next season, and then be in place if and when their young talent blossoms as they expect.