The Internet jackals and East Coast airwaves are abuzz with speculation about the next coach of the New York Knicks, and one name that stays in the conversation is Warriors coach Mark Jackson.

Jackson grew up in New York and is quick to remind everyone. He's a former Knicks point guard and team leader. He was a very visible object of affection at Madison Square Garden last week, when the Warriors routed the reeling Knicks.

Considering Jackson's backstory and the varying degrees of heat he has felt this season, it's a spicy topic for fans and media – and certainly an intriguing fantasy for Knicks ownership and management. It makes for juicy reading in the New York tabloids.

The reality, however is though, is that Jackson is under contract through 2015. After a stirring postseason run last spring, the Warriors picked up the one-year option to his original three-year deal.

Though Jackson accepted those terms, he surely would have liked a multi-year extension and raise. That he wanted more and didn't immediately get it could lead to the belief he'd be willing to leave.

Willing, however, is not the same as ready, much less eager. And even if Jackson were in a hurry to get out of his contract and take another job, he'd have to be intoxicated by nostalgia or a special kind of insane to even consider coaching these Knicks, under this ownership group.

Warriors CEO Joe Laob is incessantly driven, with boundless ambition. He wants it all, and is willing to do his part to achieve it. His three-plus years atop the organizational chart have had many more hits than misses. He challenges Jackson and everybody else in the building, which is the right of the owner.