I do think that day is coming. The Lions made a serious commitment to him with that three-year, $9.3 million contract -- which guaranteed him more cash than even Reggie Bush -- and you don't do that for a guy who is just going to ride the bench.

Whether he starts or not, Bell is going to have a greater role next season. Joe Lombardi's scheme is going to feature a lot of the tailbacks, including two-back sets, and Bell will be a major component of that system.

Bush remains the more accomplished player, and still has the game-breaking ability that Bell can't match. He'll be given every opportunity to recapture that starting spot, and I suspect he will.

But he's also struggled with turnovers (losing four fumbles last year, the worst among tailbacks) and dropped passes (nine among all players, receivers included). If those problems persist, Bell is a viable option to start. He's proved that much.