Greg Jamison seemed poised to take control of the league owned Phoenix Coyotes for the last couple of months now. So, when the January 31 deadline came and went without the completion of the sale to Jamison, the wind was knocked out of Coyotes fans. For many, Jamison's effort was the last strong fight to keep the team in the desert. Now, after numerous reports claiming the lack of proper funds, those reports seem to have come true, thus ending Jamison's run at buying the Coyotes. Well, that last line isn't completely true. Jamison is still in the race, or so he claims in the statement he issued. Having missed the deadline to buy the Coyotes with a sweetheart arena lease agreement in tow, Jamison's next effort may prove harder as new Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers and the city council are expected to be less giving.

But the latest twist in this whole ordeal? The emergence of two new groups interested in buying the struggling team. At a press conference held the day after the deadline, Weiers made mention of the two groups and their willingness to work with the City of Glendale and keep the team in Arizona. In reality, there is probably only one new group and Weiers is just trying to muscle the best deal out of them and Jamison (if he chooses to continue his efforts). But that's just me talking. The new group? We don't know who just yet, but Craig Morgan at FOX Sports Arizona dropped an interesting name this past Friday, Bill Gallacher.