Corey Maggette stood in front of the media, tugged his shirt sleeve and flexed his biceps.

"Oh, man," Maggette said. "You don't see these muscles."

That's what 10 years — and rookie mentoring from Ben Wallace — in the NBA has produced.

And now, Maggette is the veteran ready to mentor the rookie.

In this case, Pistons rookie Andre Drummond.

And considering the two have a lot on common — both played one year in college before leaving for the NBA; Maggette at Duke and Drummond at Connecticut — the mentor-mentee connection is perfect.

For Maggette, it all starts with Wallace.

A journeyman with the Magic, the team that drafted Maggette in 1999, Wallace told the rookie to get into the gym, hit the weights and build his body.

Maggette listened.

"He was the first guy who started me in weight training," Maggette said. "He probably does not remember, but he pushed me and told me you need to get in the gym. Get a little stronger. Get your muscle game up."

Now, it's Drummond's turn.