The Patriots need talent at the wide receiver position, and Cordarrelle (pronounced “Core-dare-uhl”) Patterson might just be the most talented receiver in this year’s draft class. Patterson’s road to the NFL wasn’t your prototypical story, which adds both a level of intrigue and concern. He didn’t play football during his freshman year at North Carolina Tech, and had to transfer to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas the following year before getting a chance to play. He excelled at the community college program, breaking multiple school records and being named the nation’s top JUCO player by the end of 2011 season. That means Patterson’s one season at Tennessee is his only experience playing against Division-I caliber talent. So, his lack of experience may raise some doubts for teams, but there is no question about his abilities. Patterson has the size, speed and awareness to become one of the best receivers in the NFL in the near future, much like his physical counterpart Julio Jones has done with the Falcons. Fortunately for the teams like the Patriots, it won’t take trading your entire draft board — like Atlanta did for Jones in 2011 — to land Patterson. He is a definite first-round talent, but he’s not a top-five or even top-10 lock like Jones or A.J. Green were just a few years ago. Some questions about his character do remain, as there were some negative reviews about his intelligence and maturity during interviews at the NFL combine. But even if he’s not the sharpest guy in the room or doesn’t have the best grade-point average, Patterson proved to be a very smart and innovative player on the football field — and that’s where it really matters.