DaVaris Daniels wasn't exactly shocked to see those D grades in his statistics and social problems classes.

The Notre Dame receiver -- currently an ex-Notre Dame receiver -- was missing 2-3 fall classes per week on average. Daniels already lacked urgency with non-football aspects of his life, he admits, and an injury concoction of plantar fasciitis, turf toe and hip flexor made getting out of bed unbearable.

Combine that with his academic probation from the previous semester, plus hours of daily football meetings and practices, and Daniels was sinking.

That's why he's here, inside a cramped office at EFT Sports Performance in a Chicago suburb on a Monday, talking with CBSSports.com instead of walking past The Grotto with teammates on his way to class.

Daniels, the Irish's second-leading receiver last season with 745 yards and seven touchdowns, is suspended for the spring semester after he said he failed to keep a 2.0 GPA.

He's dedicated to working his way back, the same way quarterback and Daniels' close friend Everett Golson did in the fall after Golson cheated on a test and was kicked out of school.

Daniels makes clear he didn't cheat. He failed to meet grade requirements.

In a calendar year, Daniels went from a 115-yard receiving standout in the 2013 BCS title game to his name plate being pulled from Notre Dame's locker room.

Acknowledging this instantly makes Daniels' voice lower. Remorse is palpable.