The Pittsburgh Penguins announced Wednesday that forward Pascal Dupuis has been diagnosed with a blood clot in his lung and will be out of the lineup for at least six months while undergoing treatment with blood thinners. The clot was found Monday after Dupuis complained of discomfort in his chest, according to the team.

“Pascal had a blood clot in his leg that traveled to his lung,” said Dr. Dharmesh Vyas, the Penguins' team physician. “In medical terms, that is a deep vein thrombosis resulting in a pulmonary embolism. This is the second such incident that we know of for Pascal. The treatment is at least six months of blood thinners, during which time he will not be able to play hockey. Other than that, his condition is stable.”

According to the Penguins, this is the second time Dupuis has been diagnosed with a blood clot this year alone as he was previously diagnosed in January. That kept him out until October.

While the Penguins are dealing with lineup concerns as a result of this diagnosis, Dupuis' health is the most important matter at hand.