At least it wasn't one that kicked the combover off Ken Jennings on Jeopardy!, because then you'd really be worried.

But in the season of "everyone's tied for first," those technological grinches over at Baseball Prospectus have interrupted with a foreboding set of numbers.

In running simulations of the season using projections based on past performances and historical trends, they have pegged this collection of talent for 67.5 wins and 94.5 losses — an average of their record in all the simulations. That is the worst in baseball, a game below the American League-worst Royals.

(By the way, I predict the half will come April 23 in Milwaukee.)

How did this happen to a team that finished 19 games ahead of Pittsburgh last year and is now simulated to finish and average of four games back of the perennial sixth-placers?

It starts not with record but with boiling it down to individual performances, as the Astros finished eight games better at 76-86 than their runs scored and runs allowed would have foreshadowed on average.