Once, twice and then thrice, Angels catcher Hank Conger threw the ball down to his infielders during a recent spring training game.

And once, twice and then thrice, Conger's throws missed their target and flew into the outfield. Three throws in five innings, the 25-year-old competing to be the club's backup catcher attempted – and three errors he committed.

So what did Mike Scioscia, his manager and a 13-year big-league catcher, think of Conger's day?

"First of all, I like the fact that he's still throwing," Scioscia said.

Added Conger: "My arm feels great. The throws were hard – they were just in the outfield."

Well, Conger certainly has retained his sense of humor and his skipper's support. What he doesn't have – yet – is a set release point. The Huntington Beach native has solidified his footwork after spending the latter half of last season focusing on it, but he hasn't found a consistent and comfortable throwing motion to deter opponents on the basepaths.

That's the goal for this spring. But that doesn't mean he's going to stop throwing until he figures it out.

"The worst thing you could really do is be timid," Conger said a day later. "Obviously the day didn't go as planned, but the only way you're gonna get out of it is just by throwing more."