DeMarcus Cousins' decision to confront broadcaster Sean Elliott after Friday's game in Sacramento, a 97-86 Spurs victory, has cost him a two-game suspension.

Still in uniform, Cousins returned to the court upon learning of critical comments made by the former Spurs All-Star forward. Elliott's remarks had come after he overheard Cousins' trash talking about "busting" Spurs captain Tim Duncan during the fourth quarter.

According to eyewitnesses, the Kings center waited for the conclusion of the postgame broadcast with Elliott and play-by-play announcer Bill Land, then confronted Elliott in what an NBA investigation concluded was a hostile manner.

With a salary this season of $3.88 million, the suspensions, which began with the Kings' Sunday game against the Lakers and will conclude with a Tuesday game in Portland, will cost Cousins $77,600.