As he walked into PCOM his eyes were bright and wide under his wire rimmed glasses. His demeanor exuded a confidence and excitement comparable to that of a sophomore student as opposed to a freshman.

Evan Turner became the second Sixer to take advantage of the team's practice facility opening its doors to players in preparation of the NBA season when he showed up on Friday. The work stoppage, now more than five months old, has left a lasting impression on the Ohio State product.

"You can't take things for granted," Turner said shaking his head. "It can be over. Sports is fun until grownups get involved and then things get messed up."

Turner is embarking on his second season with the team that selected him No. 2 overall in the 2010 draft. Echoing the sentiments of his teammate Lou Williams a day earlier, he is very much looking forward to adding the next chapter to his young career.

"I am definitely excited to be back to play," Turner said before going through a workout by himself. "I was fortunate enough to get my feet wet last year. I had good and bad times and grew from it. I am just looking forward to the opportunities I will have this season. I have faith and confidence I'll be better than last season and have a major contributing role."