A hint of complacency had set in as far as Shawn Horcoff was concerned so the Edmonton Oilers captain gathered his teammates for an on-ice post-practice meeting.

The gist of his message was not to settle for playing OK.

"You could kind of sense in the room that guys were … I don't want to say comfortable, but there were a lot of whispers about the fact that we were playing well but losing games," said winger Ryan Jones after the ­Oilers had gone out and posted a 4-0 win over the Nashville Predators Monday at Bridgestone Arena.

"To hear from your leader that you can't be satisfied echoed down the lineup. This is a very good hockey team we beat, one that plays a really simple game. This just goes to show that a lot of those games could have easily gone our way. We'll see."

Ten minutes into the meeting with the Preds, Horcoff wasn't real comfortable with the direction of the game but the Oilers got things on track and went to work.

They blocked shots, went to the net with some conviction, killed a couple of penalties. In short, they looked after several nuances.

"We started to play better in the second half of that first period then we took over and played one of our more complete games. It was real nice to see," Horcoff said.