The NFL's Competition Committee is discussing two proposals that would significantly alter officiating -- whether to make referees full-time employees and how to centralize the replay review system.

According to one league official familiar with the committee's conversations during its meetings here at the NFL Scouting Combine, there is increasing support for both ideas. The full-time referees would be gradually phased in, to give current referees the opportunity to either exit their current careers or to leave the officiating ranks. But if the idea is approved, the phase in could start as soon as this season. According to the official, there is greater interest in full-time referees than there is in adding an eighth member to the officiating crews. In the past, officials have resisted the idea of becoming full-time employees because they did not want to give up their other, in some cases lucrative, jobs, so one question that would linger over the process would be how many referees -- the top member of each crew -- would leave officiating and have to be replaced.