Roger Goodell shot down the notion of seeding the NFL playoffs by record Tuesday night, but he said expanding them is an idea that’s picking up steam among the owners.

Those were among the most noteworthy comments by the league’s commissioner during an hour-long discussion at the 92nd Street Y in which an at-times defiant an unapologetic Goodell was pressed on some of the biggest issues facing the sport.

The commissioner poured cold water on the idea of seeding the postseason by record instead of whether a team won its division, describing that as a media creation in the wake of 12-4 San Francisco having to travel to 8-7-1 Green Bay last weekend because the Packers had won the NFC North while the 49ers were the NFC West runners-up.

“I don’t think there is momentum for [reseeding],” Goodell told the audience of several hundred. “There might be momentum in the media, but the first objective of any team is to win your division, and when you win your division, you should have a home game.

“I don’t see the owners pushing for a big change on that,” Goodell added. “I know it’s been discussed in the media, but I don’t see that happening.”

But fans probably can expect to see a larger playoff field in the very near future, judging by Goodell’s statements Tuesday.