Trying not to sound smug, Rosevelt Colvin took credit for the ascents of two likely Hall of Fame-bound NFL veterans.

The first was Saints quarterback Drew Brees, whom Colvin played alongside at Purdue and once scolded for throwing a costly interception at Notre Dame.

"Drew went on to great things from then on," Colvin said.

The other was Brian Urlacher, Colvin's three-year running mate with the Bears. The team drafted Urlacher in 2000 and envisioned the former college safety starting at strong-side linebacker.

"I'm supposed to be the SAM linebacker and they put Brian in front of me. I beat his head in during camp," Colvin said with a laugh. "So I bumped him over to middle linebacker. If I hadn't done that, you'd have no Brian Urlacher legacy."

Joking aside, Colvin believes Urlacher's legacy should continue in Chicago.