Occasionally, Adam Vinatieri finds himself serenaded in his little slice of the Indianapolis Colts locker room by the bass-heavy, reverberating sounds emanating from a younger teammate’s cubicle.

Most of the time, he tolerates the auditory assault, even though he would prefer some Dave Matthews or Zack Brown.

“I can get rowdy every once in a while,” Vinatieri said, smiling, “but I’m not a real thumpin’, thumpin’, bangin’-your-head-against-the-wall Pantera-type guy.”

And sometimes, enough is enough.

“I don’t really shut it down in here unless it gets too awfully loud,” he said. “Then I’ll throw the ‘vet card’ out there: ‘Hey, anybody got more than 18 (years in the NFL)? No? OK, let’s change this.’ ”

The “vet card” holds sway in the Colts locker room. Each of Vinatieri’s 89 teammates is younger than the team’s 40-year-old placekicker.

But it’s also valid across the NFL. Vinatieri, entering his 18th season overall and eighth with the Colts, is the league’s oldest player.

“I’m very proud of that,” he said. “It’s one thing to get into the league. It’s another to stay consistent and stay in the league.”

Providing perspective
Few hold Vinatieri in higher esteem than Pat McAfee. He’s the Colts’ effervescent punter and kickoff specialist, and Vinatieri’s holder on placements.

McAfee routinely refers to Vinatieri’s pedigree and the journey his colleague is on that likely will deliver him to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

McAfee shook his head when considering the length of Vinatieri’s career. You know, the 18 years.

“His NFL career can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets,” McAfee said.

Running back Davin Meggett, 22, is proof personified to Vinatieri’s staying power. He and Vinatieri are teammates. From 1995-97, Meggett’s father, Dave, and Vinatieri were teammates in New England.

“Yep, in the same locker room,” Davin Meggett said. “From what I remember, I met Adam, Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Martin, all the older guys.”

Bledsoe, now 41, last played in 2006. Martin has a bust in Canton, Class of 2012.

Vinatieri still is around and kicking. Meggett insisted it’s an honor to share a locker room with him.

“To be in the locker room with a legend, a living legend,” he said. “You know, work with him, joke with him.”

The age difference hasn’t been an issue, Meggett added, because “you don’t spend a lot of time with a guy like Adam. But he’s young at heart. Without the gray hair, you’d think he’s 24 or 25 years old.”

The Colts’ 90-player offseason roster includes 21 rookies, but only one player who’s 40-something. In fact, Vinatieri is the NFL’s only 40-year old currently on an active roster.