Here's the news you've all been waiting for: the Colts have re-signed cornerback Vontae Davis.

The wait is over, and it's some big news: the Colts have re-signed cornerback Vontae Davis.

Many had thought that if Davis reached free agency, he would be gone, but now just an hour into free agency he has re-signed with the Colts. The team made a late push for Davis and, while the Jets were seriously interested, the Colts won out.

According to Schefter, the Colts gave Vontae Davis a 4-year, $39 million deal with $20 million guaranteed. That's an average of $9.75 million a year - the same that the Packers gave Sam Shields. Honestly, I'm fine with that contract for the Colts. I had said if it was under $10 million a year, I'd be ok with it.

Davis is only 25-years old and has great man coverage skills. He struggled with his consistency a bit in 2013 (which I'll get into later in the article), but something that many fans get wrong is that Davis does NOT get burned too much. The Colts often play in press man coverage with only a single high safety, which means that Davis is left all alone. Thus, when Davis gets burned it's more noticeable because it more often turns into a big play.