A couple of years ago, Ryan Grigson watched his old Philly boss, Howie Roseman, go nuts in big-time free agency. The Eagles put together what Vince Young called the “dream team,” and the Eagles proceeded to fall on their backsides.

That’s not to say that’s the specific reason Grigson took a measured approach to free agency — grabbing a lot of second- and third-level guys at more reasonable prices — but history has shown, the teams that win March don’t often win in January.

Now, I’m not going sit here with a straight face and tell you I know everything there is to know about Gosder Cherilus, Donald Thomas, Lawrence Sidbury, Greg Toler and Erik Walden, but philosophically, I like the approach.

The Colts added two starters in Cherilus and Toler at two desperate need positions (right tackle and cornerback), and may have added a third if Thomas unseats Joe Reitz or, less likely, Mike McGlynn. What’s best, though, is all of these players are still young enough to get better, which is not often the case in a free agent market where the average age is closer to 30.

And given what Grigson did with lesser-known names one year ago, bringing along guys like Jerrell Freeman from the Canadian League, fans are best off to simply trust his judgment – until he starts missing on guys, and then we can start looking at his moves with a jaundiced eye.

Again, I haven’t looked at tape of these guys; when Mike Chappell started listing those names on Twitter Tuesday, I found myself asking, “Who?”

And I understand fans, who love to play fantasy football, were bummed there were no Jake Longs or Wes Welkers.

But they got better.

And they will continue to get better if and when they add some more free agents (safety LaRon Landry?).

And they will continue to get better through the draft, where I fully expect them to add a rush linebacker to help replace Dwight Freeney. I also expect them to look for more depth at corner, a safety (if they don’t get Landry), defensive lineman and maybe even a wide receiver to someday replace Reggie Wayne.