No sense trying to find colorful words to describe it. Put simply the Colts stunk Monday night.

As is the case with any loss against a supposed inferior team there’s plenty of blame to go around after a 19-9 loss at San Diego on Monday Night Football.

A bit of perspective before the quickie analysis: As much as this game was agonizing to watch trying to stomach an offense that settled for just three field goals and a defense that couldn’t get off the field it is 0nly one game. And while fans don’t want to hear it the NFL has a way of humbling everyone at some point.

The Colts who seemingly had the momentum after knocking off previously unbeaten Seattle the game before were instead humbled. But it’s still a 4-2 team that leads the AFC South. And regardless of what happens Sunday night when Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos come to town the Colts will hit the bye week afterward in first place either tied or still in front.

That’s accentuating the positive although most won’t do that after watching this most recent game.

Here’s what jumped out:

* It seemed like every Colts player who had the chance to catch a pass dropped at least one. Frustrating to say the least. That hasn’t happened in a long time. Drops are part of the game but not this many. When WR Reggie Wayne is even dropping one for a first down it couldn’t be more obvious the guys were off their game.

* The Chargers rolled up their sleeves and pounded the ball a lot more than anyone probably expected. And it worked. San Diego finished with 147 yards on the ground and RB Ryan Matthews had 102 on 22 carries.