What. A. Game.

Seriously that was one of the most fun football games I've watched in a while and it also was a huge win by the Colts. Huge.

One of (if not the) best teams in the NFL traveled to Indianapolis. The atmosphere at Lucas Oil Stadium was like that of a playoff game. And the Seahawks jumped out to a 12-0 lead by the middle of the first quarter. Russell Wilson the Seahawks' tremendous second year quarterback was better than advertised. He threw for 210 yards and 2 scores and ran for a career high 102 yards. He is going to be a great quarterback for years to come.

The thing is the Colts also had a quarterback who was better than advertised. Andrew Luck threw for 229 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushed for 9 yards but his stats don't even come close to showing the greatness of his game today.

He had four passes dropped including three on third downs (the first three third downs of the game actually). His protection fell apart often. The secondary he was facing was the league's best with two pro bowl cornerbacks (including the best in the NFL in Richard Sherman). And he faced an early deficit and a back-and-forth game after that.

Yet through it all he stayed poised and he got better as the game went on and the pressure mounted. That's typical Andrew Luck. He led his 9th game winning drive and 6th fourth quarter comeback of his career. The Colts advanced to 11-2 in one score games with Luck under center.

All things considered it was perhaps the best game I've seen Luck play.

Another guy who had a phenomenal day? T.Y. Hilton. He caught 5 passes for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns. Being guarded by Richard Sherman - the best cornerback in the league Hilton proved Luck's confidence well-placed by having a great game.

And there were others too like Jerrell Freeman who had 13 tackles and made several big plays throughout the course of the game. There was Donald Brown running well when he got a chance and there was Trent Richardson staying with it and getting better as the game went on. There was Chuck Pagano and the coaching staff who kept the Colts focused and weathered the early storm to win a highly entertaining ball game.

The Colts are 4-1. They've beaten two of the best teams in the NFC in the last three weeks and they beat one of the two best teams in the entire NFL in the Seahawks. And so that's where the biggest takeaway from this game comes: the Colts are for real.