It was eight years into his career when the end came for Doug Collins. After years of playing with broken feet, Collins' career came to an end when he blew out his knee at age 29.

Meanwhile, eight years into Lou Williams' career, the former Sixers' sixth man is going through a similar injury. Saturday it was announced that Williams, now a member of the Atlanta Hawks, would miss the rest of the season after tearing up his knee in a game in Brooklyn on Friday night.

If there is anyone who understands what Williams is going through, it's his old coach.

"It made me sick," Collins said, when he heard about Williams' injury. "Lou is one of my favorite people -- the personality and energy he brought every night to the arena and in what he meant our locker room and how well he played and what he meant to our success over the years."

Obviously, advances in sports medicine have made it so a torn ACL is no longer the career killer it was when Collins has his in 1980. Nonetheless, Williams has surgery and a long, grueling rehab process in his near future.

Collins knows all about that, too.

"And then to have that kind of injury, there is a lot of dedication and hard work that goes with that," Collins said. "You have to really, really, really dedicate yourself to that and I hope he does that. The Hawks are really going to miss him, and I hate like heck to see anyone go through that, especially anyone I have such admiration for."