“I guess I was trending,” Doug Collins quipped before his 76ers took on the Bulls in a Thursday-evening matchup in his old stomping grounds of Chicago at the United Center. “Viral, trending. “

The Sixers head coach was joking about the stir created by his comments following Philadelphia’s dispiriting home defeat Tuesday evening at the hands of Orlando.

“I said, ‘Man, what is all this stuff?’ You know, it was interesting. I went back and I went, wait a second. I didn’t get the slam. I didn’t get being hard, all that kind of stuff. I thought I was just talking about sort of what I expected and I think as a coach, that’s what you do. I mean, there was nobody called out. I just spoke,” he explained. “I think I gave you two examples. I’ve never been a guy that if you lost the game and you competed to your best, that I was ever disappointed. I’ve always been disappointed if I felt like the team didn’t do everything we could to win, so I was trying to get the spin on this, about how this was spun that I was being so hard. But I don’t think I did that at all. I think the players know that. We’re a big honesty group about I think that’s what you need to do and I think our guys know what’s sort of expected when you put a Sixers uniform and how you have to play.

“But I was shocked. My phone was blowing up on me and stuff like that. I didn’t realize I’d been so tough.”

The Illinois native, Illinois State product and ex-Bulls head coach also discussed the hottest topic in Chicago: Derrick Rose and his ongoing recovery.