Terry Collins and reliever LaTroy Hawkins both got tossed out of last night’s 4-3 loss to the Reds in the top of the seventh inning, typifying the Mets’ frustrating evening.

Home-plate umpire Tom Hallion ruled the Reds’ Brandon Phillips had been hit by a pitch that replays later showed actually hit the knob of the bat. Hawkins expressed his displeasure and asked Hallion to ask the other umpires for help, which the umpire initially declined to do, until Collins made the same request.

Hawkins fussed at Hallion walking off the mound after the inning, and was immediately ejected. Collins came out and argued for about two minutes and got tossed as well.

“Not just [the call]; I just asked him to check, use your other set of eyes, that’s it, It’s not that hard. I just asked for some help,’’ said Hawkins.

When asked if he felt a veteran should’ve at least warranted some conversation, he answered, “Not a conversation; just talk to me like I’m a human being, that’s it. Plain and simple.’’

* Shaun Marcum joined Jeremy Hefner as Met starters that have fallen to 0-5. The team is just 1-14 in games in which either of them have pitched this season, but is 16-11 in their other games.

Marlon Byrd got the start because of his solid 6-for-11 career numbers against Johnny Cueto — activated off the disabled list last night — and he repaid Collins with a game-tying three-run homer in the third. He also walked, but in a losing effort.

“Losing is never fun,’’ said Byrd.