Anybody wondering why there is such antipathy about recently unemployed NFL quarterback Tim Tebow needs only to look at what happened to Jason Collins on Monday.

His admission of “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” unleashed a torrent of Biblically-annotated vile so ugly, so hateful from the good “Christians” of the Internet that I have to believe Jesus was somewhere saying “Keep my name out of your mouth.”

What does this have to do with Tebow? He is the willing face of Christianity in sports, and for many, this makes him a phony. They see Christians preaching love and forgiveness for themselves and their sins while dishing out hatred and ugliness for those who sin differently, and the hypocrisy turns them off.

This is a big reason why many do not like Tebow and snark at his every failure; currently his search for an NFL job. This is not simply about talent. This is about his religious beliefs. Unfortunately for him, he has become the face of a religion many have come to see as judgmental, hypocritical and angry — or everything that was on display in the wake of Collins’ news on Monday.

For every President Obama call and Kobe tweet, there was an army of judgmental, homophobic, angry Christians condemning Collins to hell in Jesus’ name on Twitter, in columns, on TV and radio.

So a growing segment of society looks at a guy like Tebow, professing his faith and living his ideals, and struggles not to see Westboro Baptist protesting at the funerals of US servicemen or hear pastors from the church of “I’m Right, You’re Wrong” preaching hellfire and damnation on whatever sin does not hit too close to home for their paying customers.