In less than two years as the San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick already has twice as many playoff wins as Jay Cutler and Tony Romo do in 16 combined seasons.

It's no surprise, then, that Kaepernick wants to get paid as a franchise quarterback on par with the monster contracts signed by Cutler and Romo in the past calendar year.

Kaepernick is seeking more than the $18.2 million annually that Cutler received in early January, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports.

If the 49ers aren't willing to meet Kaepernick's asking price, he hasn't ruled out playing out the season on his salary of $973,766 and cashing in as a free agent next offseason.

Why would he attack these negotiations any differently?

That $18-19 million request might sound unreasonable for a relatively inexperienced quarterback, but it's the price of doing business in today's NFL.