Bryan Colangelo left no doubt about one thing; Dwane Casey will return as the coach of the Toronto Raptors if he has anything to do with it.

The president and general manager of the National Basketball Association team said Monday morning that any talk of a divide between himself and his coach over the course of the just concluded season was pure speculation.

“I can absolutely tell you that coach Casey and I get along in a way that most coaches and management people do,” Colangelo said. “We challenge each other, we talk about things on a daily basis, ways to improve the basketball team, ways to better utilize the talent that we have. There’s give and take and it needs to be that way.

“It’s a relationship that needs to play out that way. If we’re both saying the same thing all the time it’s probably going to be less productive.

“At the same time I will tell you that anyone that was trying to drive a wedge between us failed to do so. We’re fine, we get along great. And if I come back there’s no question about who the coach will be. Dwane Casey will be the coach of the basketball team.”

Of course, there is no guarantees that Colangelo himself will be back.

The Raptors missed the playoffs for the fifth year in a row under Colangelo’s watch, finishing with a 34-48 mark.