The A's short-term memories got jarred but good Monday in a 2-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.
And the memory prompter has a name: Coco Crisp.
Crisp, with two outs and men on first and second, did a Usain Bolt sprint from right-center to left-center to chase down a screaming liner hit by Andrew McCutchen to end the seventh inning. It was not a play most of the A's believed to be possible -- until their memories kicked in.
"I'm thinking that's a double," closer Grant Balfour said of his view of the play from the A's bullpen. "And then I thought, 'That's Coco out there.' "
A's shortstop Jed Lowrie watched the ball go shooting way above his head, and he said he said to himself, "That ball's in the gap."
"And then I remember that we've got Coco out there," Lowrie said.
The center fielder, cutting across the field and getting deeper with each stride, launched himself at the ball when failure would mean two runs would score and the game would be flipped on its axis.
Crisp's analysis: "It wasn't that difficult of a play."
Yeah, right. Crisp can generally be counted on to be understated about the things he does on a baseball field.
Even when his manager, Bob Melvin, says "that's the play of the year," Crisp counters with, "that was the play of the play," whatever that means.
It means that Crisp would be just as happy talking about anyone other than himself.