After staying overnight for further observation, Rays starter Alex Cobb was released from Bayfront Medical Center on Sunday afternoon and headed home.

The Rays placed Cobb on the seven-day concussion disabled list and recalled reliever Josh Lueke from Triple-A Durham on Sunday morning, a day after Cobb sustained a mild concussion when he was struck in the right ear by a line drive off the bat of Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.

Cobb texted several of his teammates on Sunday that he had a headache, but all of his tests came back negative.

Left-hander Matt Moore was one of 10 to 15 Rays players to see Cobb in the hospital on Saturday night and said the 25-year-old right-hander was in good spirits. Cobb also got a visit from Hosmer and former Rays James Shields and Elliot Johnson. According to Moore, Cobb's first words to Hosmer were, "We got you out."

"It was just cool to go and physically talk to him and see how he was doing. He was talking and there were a bunch of other guys from his team in there and he was laughing and joking, so it was good to see that," Hosmer said. "I was just glad to see he was good, and it just made me feel a lot better to actually see it rather than just hearing about it."

Moore said he heard Cobb tell somebody in the hospital that he didn't remember getting hit, that he could only recall the instant where he saw the ball coming at him. But Cobb was able to take a joke, and Moore and his teammates were able to laugh along with him.

"I told him that we were talking to the league, trying to petition, trying to get him that win since he was so close. He still had that sense of humor," Moore said. "He didn't seem like he was in very much pain. He seemed pretty comfortable at the time.

"I think he was very happy to see how many people that were on the field came to see him after the game. Just to see how many people were that concerned with what happened to him, I'm sure, made him feel very well. Shortly after that, the jokes started rolling in."