Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin gave a somewhat surprising answer when asked to assess Alec Burks' grasp of being an NBA point guard, a task the second-year player will presumably be given more often in Mo Williams' six-week-or-so absence.

Interestingly, Corbin did not focus on the pros and cons of a Burks-led Jazz offense.

"I thought defensively he's getting better," Corbin said in the wake of the former Colorado standout being handed ballhandling responsibilities for a good chunk of the second quarter Friday in Phoenix.

"He has to learn defensively how to play guys, stay between the guys, sometimes pressure the guy."

Corbin believes it's tougher for younger NBA players to get the hang of playing point guard from a defensive standpoint than it is for them to learn and implement the intricacies involved in running a complex pro offense.

"There is a lot of responsibility on the defensive point guard," Corbin said. "When you take a young guy like Alec or even a Randy (Foye) or Gordon (Hayward), point guards naturally, then it is a difficult adjustment at times."