Paul MacLean ordered his team off the ice Sunday morning.

The players weren't permitted to play the traditional keepaway game orchestrated by Daniel Alfredsson. They weren't allowed to stay out for extra shooting or breakaway practice. Stuff they enjoy doing, they couldn't do.

When the coach blew his whistle to officially end the 20-minute skate, they were sent straight to the dressing room.

From there, they followed the usual pre-game routine.

When the Senators are winning and playing the way MacLean wants, he leaves them to their own devices after practice. But on the heels of suffering three-regulation time losses for the first time this season, MacLean put his foot down.

"The last couple of games we haven't come out and started very good," said MacLean. "And we tend to stay on the ice for pre-game skates and play stupid pet tricks maybe a little bit longer than we should. We just wanted to make sure, with a 6 p.m. game, that we managed our time a little bit better.

"I decided to take charge of managing the time as opposed to letting them do it."