Central Michigan University wide receiver Andrew Flory has been offered a plea deal if he agrees to testify against a teammate in a related criminal case stemming from the theft of DVDs at Walmart last month, according to court records.

Flory was offered the deal Tuesday if he pleads to marijuana possession and second degree retail fraud in Isabella County Trial Court.

In exchange for his pleas and testimony against Ryan Oruche, 21, prosecutors would recommend a five-day jail sentence for Flory, also 21, according to court documents.

Oruche was arrested at Walmart in Mt. Pleasant on June 7 for second degree retail fraud after walking out of the store with $247 worth of items that he had not paid for, according to an affidavit filed by a Michigan State Police trooper.

Oruche is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of second degree retail fraud, which both carry one-year sentences and/or $2,000 fines, and one felony count of unarmed robbery which is a 15-year felony.

Flory is charged with two misdemeanor counts of second degree retail fraud and one count of marijuana possession. He would have one count of retail fraud dropped as part of his plea deal offered Tuesday.

Flory was suspended indefinitely for violating team rules and Oruche has left the program on his own volition, a CMU athletics official said. CMU will not comment on the matter.

On June 7 trooper Mike Zeilinger was dispatched to Walmart for a retail fraud call. Cameron Hobbs, a Walmart employee, told Zeilinger that he had noticed Oruche pushing a shopping cart out of the store without paying for several items. When stopping him at the door, Oruche pushed Hobbs against the door jamb and ran out of the store. The cart contained $247 worth of DVDs, food and snacks.