I should be happy whenever the Angels win. Actually I should be ecstatic. But truth be told I’m more frustrated by the Angels road domination the last nine games. Like in need of Cialis frustrated. Too much? Where was this two months ago when it could have mattered? Where was this a month ago when they could have made some noise in the Wild Card race? Where was it?

As recently as two weeks ago the Angels had the eighth worst record in baseball. That translates to the eighth pick in the draft next year. Now? They have the 13th worst record. Only the ten worst are protected. That protection is vital when you factor in the Angels’ free-spending ways. Maybe this offseason wont include as many purchases with a Visa Black Card. But do you trust this team to not spend money on Free Agents? Yeah. Me either.

Now that you are sufficiently depressed let’s move on to how awesome Mike Trout is.

He’s crazy awesome. Stupid awesome. Too awesome for the Angels to not at least open up talks with his agent about a contract extension. Or at least offer him a bonus for being so damned perfect. Trout went 3-3 today with a walk and a run scored. He singled doubled and tripled. The walk was intentional because Mike Trout scared the Brewers. His fWAR as of yesterday was 8.8 chances are when we wake up it will be above 9.0. I am now accepting donations for a kickstarter to help keep Trout an Angels player for life.