They've bludgeoned each other for four games and they will for at least two more.

But the more the Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies have at each other, the less pure basketball tactics will make a difference.

In tonight's Game 5 of the best-of-7 Western Conference playoff series, mind over matter figures to trump anything out of a playbook in the Staples Center clash.

"The biggest thing is a sense of urgency is going to be the key," Clippers guard Chauncey Billups said. "They played desperate basketball, now it's our turn. We have to make a few adjustments, but it's our turn now to play with a sense of urgency."

The first-round series has been a classic case of NBA playoffs through the years. The teams are seeded fourth and fifth, and the team playing at home has been the aggressor and the victor. It's no sur

prise the series stands at 2-2, especially after they went the full seven a year ago.

How close are these teams? To a man, they'll point out the one physical matchup that has illustrated the direction of this series, and it's rebounding.

Win the rebound battle, win the game. And a closer look at the four games shows the margin of rebounding is eerily close to the margin of the final score.

In Game 1, the Clippers led in rebounds by 24 and won by 21 points. In Game 2, the Clippers had two more rebounds than the Grizzlies - and won by two.