Doc Rivers is no longer Boston Strong, and will be coaching the Los Angeles Clippers.

Will Dwight Howard follow?

That’s part of the standard rumor mill that swirls in the world of Dwight Drama. A talented diva who _ unlike LeBron James in moving to the South Beach Heat _ doesn’t seem terribly convinced that the Los Angeles Lakers are the ultimate destination to take his talents.

The speculation thickens after a recent report that said “the Clippers are concurrently weighing the prospect of offering star forward Blake Griffin in tandem with prized young guard Eric Bledsoe to the Los Angeles Lakers in a sign-and-trade pitch to land Dwight Howard after July 1.”

But here’s the problem.

Mr. Howard is not going to play for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Two reasons:

1. The Lakers aren’t stupid enough to let him go to an across-the-street franchise with the possibility that Howard will one day wake up and lead some team to an NBA title. 2. I’ve always gotten the sense that Rivers isn’t high on Howard (although that’s a long list of NBA people).

One veteran coach recently described Howard very appropriately to me: “Dwight is all about the entertainment, not the competition.”

It’s a standard rap on Howard, and a valid one.

Doc also won’t be free of criticism for those who saw his loyalty to Boston disappear in relation to the talent on the team. Doc was in no mood for a rebuild, leading to a deal expected to be announced shortly after the NBA office signs off on the deal.

But he also won’t be in the mood to take on the preeminent diva in the NBA.