Clippers forward Blake Griffin knows what's coming Wednesday night at Staples Center. Memphis' Zach Randolph is going to grab, bump, shove and use every trick he's got to get Griffin rattled.

But does Randolph succeed in getting under Griffin's skin?

"He tries to," Griffin said frankly.

Against the Grizzlies Wednesday, the Clippers get another look at a team they saw seven times last spring in an incredibly physical, gritty playoff series.

Wednesday's game with Memphis at Staples Center could be the key in determining the Nos. 3 and 4 seeds in the West.

Before Memphis' game with Portland Tuesday, the Grizzlies are a game behind the Clippers in the Western Conference.

"Regular-season games are regular-season games," Griffin said. "They can be big games, but the games we're looking forward to are in the playoffs."

Dealing with Randolph is a handful, especially with the savvy veteran playing mind games. Griffin said he has a plan to deal with Randolph, and he does his best to stick with it.

"You just keep playing. That's the only way," he said. "You don't even acknowledge it."

The Clippers already have beaten Memphis twice this season after winning last season's playoff series.

"We've played them twice already, and those two games haven't been the same," Griffin said. "It's a new team on both ends. It's the same principles, but I don't think we'll watch any film from last year's playoffs series."

The Clippers can look to last year's series, though, for a reminder of how Memphis challenges teams physically.

"I think it's their style of play as a team, in general. They like to grind it out," Griffin said. "They're really physical down low. It's not one guy; it's all the bigs. That's the style of play.

"We definitely know what to expect. We know exactly how they play."