The neighbors suspected there was something illicit going on in the suite on the first floor for a long time. The clients of a small company called Biogenesis would drive up in luxury automobiles — Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces — and head into the clinic. They'd come out a few minutes later clutching tiny blue bags, hop into their expensive vehicles and roar away.

The women were always attractive, says one man who rents office space near Anthony Bosch's now-shuttered Biogenesis anti-aging clinic. The men had muscular, well-defined upper bodies and skinny legs.

"I lived in Miami during the 1980s, the cocaine days, and I know a drug deal when I see it," Bosch's one-time neighbor said on Wednesday. "I'm not stupid."

As the Daily News first reported on Saturday, Major League Baseball investigators, Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Florida authorities have spent several months looking into links between Bosch, a self-described "biochemist," and Alex Rodriguez and as many as 20 other active major leaguers.

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