We’ve been advised by the Indians that the first home game of the season, against the New York Yankees, is a sellout. As usual.

Since the opening of Progressive Field (nee Jacobs Field) in 1994, selling every ticket for the team’s season debut at Ontario and East Ninth Street is virtually a sure thing.

But the fact that the Cleveland ballpark will be filled with baseball-hungry fans for the opener will tell us nothing about the number of people who will buy tickets the rest of the season. The game is not a reliable barometer for gauging the interest of Tribe partisans.

A better measure of fan enthusiasm — though hardly conclusive — will be the size of the crowd for Game 2 of the Yankees series. How many fans will show up the evening of April 9?

Except for the seasons in which the ballpark was sold out for the entire schedule — in advance, by the way — attendance for the second home game of the year inevitably has been half or less of capacity, particularly the past decade.

So what will the attendance be for that game? It depends. Several factors will bear on the number of folks willing to shell out cash for seats.

On the plus side, the Indians are playing the No. 1 draw in all of baseball. Everyone either loves or hates the Yankees, which generates more spinning of the turnstiles.