It’s not perfect throws and perfect routes, Matthew Stafford tells us, explaining the recent alchemy he has dialed up with his wide receivers. It’s … “everybody make a play,” while adjusting to each other’s imperfections — together.

This is true, on its face, as the Detroit Lions’ quarterback and his receivers have made plenty of plays recently, including Sunday, in a stirring comeback win over the Redskins. Yet Stafford’s penchant to credit his teammates — though helpful to his standing in the locker room — undersells how well he’s playing this season.

So let’s just say it: Stafford is an MVP candidate. Which means it’s time to re-evaluate him.

Maybe some of you already have. Maybe some of you haven’t, fearful of leaving yourself vulnerable. Again. I get it. The Lions demand unrequited love. That isn’t easy to offer. Not year after year, decade after decade.

But sometimes withholding your faith can obscure what’s in front of your face. This is a dilemma coaches grapple with, too: Do I trust the larger context based on years of performance? Or do I go by evidence of the moment?