After a week of the Freedom from Religion Foundation's filed complaint to Clemson University over the football program's faith-based culture capturing headlines, head coach Dabo Swinney released a response Tuesday morning.

"Over the past week or two, there has been a lot of discussion of my faith," Swinney wrote in the statement. "Players of any faith or no faith at all are welcome in our program. All we require in the recruitment of any player is that he must be a great player at his position, meet the academic requirements, and have good character."

Swinney, an openly Christian man, was asked by the FFRF to tone down his use of religion as a state-salaried employee.

"Recruiting is very personal. Recruits and their families want - and deserve - to know who you are as a person, not just what kind of coach you are," Swinney wrote. "I try to be a good example to others, and I work hard to live my life according to my faith. I am proud of the great success we have had in developing good players and good men at Clemson.

"We win at the highest level and we graduate players who excel on the field and in life because of their time in Death Valley. I want to thank Clemson University and all the people who have reached out to offer their support and encouragement over the past few weeks."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national nonprofit educational charity based in Madison, Wis., sent a letter of complaint to Clemson University citing "constitutional concerns about how the public university's football program is entangled with religion."

According to the foundation, Swinney has promoted a culture in the program that violates constitutional stipulations of the separation of church and state.