The day before University of South Carolina football star Jadeveon Clowney was clocked speeding 110 mph in Fairfield County, a rival Clemson University star was stopped for speeding in Kershaw County.

But unlike Clowney, who received a $355 fine and a six-point penalty, Tigers quarterback Tajh Boyd was issued only a warning for traveling 84 mph in a 70-mph zone along Interstate 20.

Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews Tuesday said the warning ticket is typical for his deputies. He said they had given out 10,000 such warnings in the past two-and-a-half years.

“We don’t want Kershaw County to become a speed trap — a cash cow for us,” Matthews said. “We’re pretty lenient. The goal is to change behavior.”

Matthews said deputies are given wide latitude to decide whether to issue a fine or warning. He said if Boyd had been traveling 110 mph through his county, he would have received the same fine and point-deduction as Clowney.