The NFL would like to take the 'N' word out of the playing field. A proposal from Fritz Pollard of the John Wooten Alliance has proposed a new rule that would make it a 15-yard penalty if a player is caught using the word during a game. A second use would lead to an ejection.

That's an admirable goal, but will it be difficult to get this to happen?

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews thinks it will present a challenge.

"I think it's used as a term of endearment between players, and I think it's so much a part of pop culture and culture in general that's it's goinng to be very hard to eliminate that from the game," Matthews said on the Dan Patrick Show. "I think is more something that should come from the locker room, organization, and team leaders to remove it if they see fit."

Matthews also pointed to the heated nature of the sport as an additional challenge when it comes to enforcement.